Detached house with rain garden and soakaway infiltration (Slagslunde 2)

The project was implemented in 2010, when a local landscaping company approached homeowners in Slagslunde with a view to notifying them of the options for WSUD solutions on their properties. Many residents in Slagslunde have had problems with untreated waste water on the surface during heavy rain. The area is located in the part of Slagslunde with combined sewers.

11 plots indicated that they wanted to be involved in the project, of which 9 plots could be diverted completely. The last two plots had different conditions which made infiltration inappropriate. Overall, 1724 m² (156 m² per house) was diverted, equivalent to 1200 m³ per year (110m³ per house). The database describes 3 examples for diversion of roof water and diversion of paved areas in Slagslunde.

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The special thing about this project is the fact that this is one of the first pilot projects in which the purpose is to divert a residential road. Another special feature is the fact that a landscaping company has been responsible for the outreach work among citizens" (Søren Gabriel, Orbicon).

The work was carried out by: Landscaping company Din lokale gartner

Slagslunde_Stenløsevej 14, figur 1

Slagslunde_Stenløsevej 14, foto 1

Slagslunde_Stenløsevej 14, foto 2

Slagslunde_Stenløsevej 14, foto 3

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