Folders, etc.

Local authorities, utility companies and sewer contractors will find plenty of informational material to use when introducing WSUD and dealing with residents.

Along with Pipe Centre specifications 016 - Specifications for managing rainwater on own property, a free folder has been produced for local residents and other users. See the folder here (in Danish): Residents folder

Danish Technological Institute has prepared the following folders (in Danish):

The folders can be downloaded free from the Danish Technological Institute website. Read more about how you can print your folders here:

The Royal Danish Horticultural Society offers ideas for re-cycling rainwater in private gardens, see here (in Danish).

Several local authorities have prepared folders in Danish about infiltration and soil surveys:
Sorø: Infiltration of roof run-off from detached houses 

Glostrup: Use roof run-off - build a soakaway

Many local authorities have uploaded information for residents onto their websites. Here are some examples.

See the section for local residents on Gladsaxe’s website here (in Danish).

Udviklet af Teknologisk Institut for 19K