Green roof on climate- and energy-friendly stadium in Brøndby

Brøndby Kommune, stadionhal 1, forside
A new stadium in Brøndby is being built with a green roof to attenuate and evaporate run-off
before diversion via a system of trenches into the adjoining football field.
Rainwater is
infiltrated into the ground via a ditch running the perimeter of the football field or is
via drains in the playing fields and finally let into the rain water sewer.

Address: Stadionhal 1
City/town: Brøndby

Contact persons:
Name: Søren Hansen
Organisation: Spildevandscenter Avedøre (Avedøre Wastewater Services)

Name: Gitte Hansen
Organisation: Orbicon

Name: Mette Sølbeck Andersen
Organisation: BK Byg

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