Rainwater in Høje Gladsaxe Park

Water company Nordvand and Gladsaxe Municipality are working on a major climate adaptation project which includes five different projects in which rainwater is being managed locally or being fed to Høje Gladsaxe Park. The purpose of this is to improve conditions in the Gyngemosen eastern catchment so that there is less flooding from the sewage system and fewer waste water overflows to affect the wetlands. Rainwater is managed locally and helps to provide recreational facilities for exercise, touristic and aesthetic experiences.

The total project will cost DKK 128 million and is being financed by means of a cooperation between Gladsaxe Municipality and Nordvand. The area covers approx. 1.4 km2, and some 800 households and users of the Gladsaxe Sports Centre and the natural areas around Høje Gladsaxe will benefit from the project. This project is being implemented in multiple stages which are completed regularly. The entire project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2015.

Appendix 1: Summary of the 5 areas (145 KB)

See the projects here
Project 1: Vandledningsstien in Gladsaxe Municipality - a safe new school access road along a rainwater landscape
Project 2:
Gladsaxe Sports Centre – water on the sidelines
Project 3: Marielyst cooperative association – cloudburst protection and diversion of rainwater
Project 4: Høje Gladsaxe Park – rainwater lakes and extension of attenuation basin
Project 5: Separate sewer system in Grønnemosekvarteret





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