Students from the University of Copenhagen have produced several short films, in Danish, about WSUD in connection with a project for Codan and Frederiksbergs Forsyning. See the films here:

Operation WSUD

Rain garden in Brøndby

The luxury trap

WSUD in Denmark, Woman

WSUD in Denmark, Man

What to do after a cloudburst?

How bad things can get

How bad things can get (2.0)

Several videos dealing with cloudbursts and sewage systems are available on YouTube.

Good cloudburst advice – diverting water from your home:

Perimeter drain:

CC TV-inspection:

Codan’s cloudburst site:

Good cloudburst advice - maintaining your home:

Rain and water damage: Does my insurance cover - good advice from Vestjylland Forsikring:

The Danish Nature Agency has several videos on climate adaptation. See more here (in Danish):

Udviklet af Teknologisk Institut for 19K