WSUD at Egedal Town Hall

Henrik Larsen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A/S, Henning Larsen Architects and SLA Landskabsarkitekter have worked together at a turnkey contract at Egedal Town Hall and health center. The work was finished at November 2014.

The rainwater from the roof of the Town Hall is stored in an underground tank and used for flushing toilets in the town hall. This will delay and reduce the run off of rainwater, and 1.500 m3 of drinking water is saved pr. year

The green roof at the health center will delay and reduce the run off and creates a green resort at the roof

The retention basin in a hollow at the ground delay the run off to the sewer. It is a visible solution that contributes to the understanding of the water circle and is a cheaper solution than a underground retention basin

The hollow will only be filled at cloudbursts and will be empty a few minutes after the end of the rainfall. In this case, the solution was a free one because the hollow was a part of the rewriting of the landscape

Advantage:  the green roof creates a garden for senses where citizens and employees can frequent.

Costs: The set-up costs for the reuse of rainwater and the green roof is about. 700.000 kr.

The retention basin is an integrated part of areas outside the Town Hall.

Egedal Rådhus, foto 1

Roofgarden at Egedal Town Hall

Udviklet af Teknologisk Institut for 19K