Aarhus. Permeable surfacing at Ravnsbjergkirken

The demo project at Ravnsbjergkirken in Aarhus has been established using PaveDrain® paving surface blocks in cooperation with IBF and NCC (DrænAf®/DrænStabil®).

PaveDrain® is a paving surface which serves two purposes: 1) To create spacing between blocks, so permitting infiltration of water. 2) As a tool to create a uniform surface (distance), and to achieve a load-bearing base for a specific load. This material is frostproof and made of eco-friendly material.

Traditional use results in surface drainage which is improved by 26%. The results are even better if NCC's DrænStabil® and DrænAf® levelling and jointing sand are also used.

A link to a video shot in connection with the Slagelse trade fair (garden landscape) serves to demonstrate: http://jyllands-posten.dk/bolig/have/ECE5931734/simpel-ide-forebygger-skader-ved-skybrud/ (in Danish)

Ole Frederiksen, owner of Excellent systems a/s, invented the product and owns its patent. A CE certificate has been issued.



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