Regnvandstanken (plants for reuse of rainwater)

Absorbenta Miljö AB (filters for cleaning of rainwater)

ACO Nordic A/S (drainage gullys, soakaways, basin solutions)

AgroTech A/S (test centre for green environments)

Betongruppen RBR A/S (permeable surfacing)

Byggros A/S (geotextiles, green roofs, drainage gullys, grass pavings)

Climatico (flade regnvandstanke mv.)

Excellent systems A/S (afstandsstykker til permeable belægninger) 

EXPO-NET (soakaways, basin solutions)

FlexiClean (filters for cleaning of rainwater)

Gammelrand (permeable paving’s for infiltration of rainwater (drainage stones)) concrete pipes and manholes

Genvand ApS (equipment for collecting and recycling rainwater, professional consultancy) 

Green & Blue (grass pavings, soakaways, rainwater systems)

GREEN FORTUNE (plant walls)

GreenMax (supporting soakaways, protection of nature and infrastructure, stormwater management)

GrowTex (green roofs)

IBF (permeable paved surfaces, separators, concrete trenches, gas vent pipes/- wells)

INJA miljøteknik a/s (separators, rainwater systems, green roofs)

JunckerHaven (swimming lakes, rainwater management, etc.)

KWH Pipe (soakaways, basin solutions etc.)

LYKKEGAARD A/S (cloudburst pumps, drainage pumps, check valves, high-water sluices)

LK-Gruppen (soakaways, rainwater systems and water treatment)

Mattle Natur & Anlæg ApS (supporting soakaways, protection of nature and infrastructure, stormwater management)

Midtgaard Granit & Betonvarer (permeable slab stones and paving stones)

Milford I/S

Mosbaek A/S (sells water brakes for regulating water flow from WSUD systems)

NCC Råstoffer (DrænAf og DrænStabil til permeable belægninger mv.)

Nykilde ApS (green roofs, vegetation mats, grass pavings)

nyrup plast a/s (soakaways, rainwater systems, oil separators, geotextiles)

Oldebjerg (rainwatercassets, rainwatertunnels, rainwatertanks)

P. Malmos A/S (green roofs)

RegnvandsSpecialisten.dk (soakaways, rainwater systems and house evaporation systems and energy crops for clay soil)

Scan-Plast (Soakaways, basin solutions, rainwater tunnels, separators, rainwater systems, drainage gullys, green roofs, water treatment, infiltration systems)

Skandinavisk Byggeplast (permeable surfacing, green roofs, grass pavings, soakaways, rainwater systems)

Starka (Permeable surfacing, grass pavings, drainage pavings) 

Stormwater Management (supporting soakaways, protection of nature and infrastructure, stormwater management)

Uponor (soakaways, separators etc.)

Veg Tech A/S (green roofs, vegetation mats, grass pavings)

Viacon (steel/plastic rainwater tanks for underground storage, geotextiles, geonet, grass reinforcements)

WaterCare ApS (rainwater systems)

Wavin (soakaways, separators etc.)

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