Urban areas

Collection and infiltration of stormwater in raingardens at Skovskolen, Nødebo

Stormwater storage in Scandiagade, Copenhagen

Stormwater storage under Langelandsplads Frederiksberg

Infiltration of stormwater in ”The Old Peoples City, Copenhagen

Infiltration of stormwater water in raingardens in Bryggervangen / Sct. Kjeld's neighborhood, Copenhagen

Management of rainwater on a road in Låsby

LAR in Rudersdal Municipality

Infiltration and drainage of rainwater on Tåsinge Square, Copenhagen

Retention of rainwater in Sønderborg in 5 rain gardens

Infiltration of rainwater in raingarden at Stig Lommers Square, Frederiksberg

Baunebakken — diversion and infiltration of roof run-off

Climat adoption of the neighborhood “Kongebrokvarteret” in Middelfart

Doktorhaven. WSUD in new residential area

Egelundsparken. Management of diverted rainwater

Fredericia - new agenda for local rainwater harvesting

Freight yard area – a new WSUD urban district in Aalborg

Hedevænget. Can the rainwater be diverted? Pilot project

Infiltration of rainwater, Tankefuld Svendborg

Ishøj local authority. Water brakes to control drainage from individual plots

Local rainwater management in Anebjerg near Skanderborg

Musicon, Roskilde Skate park storage, for extreme rainfall

New climate-resilient neighbourhood in Østerbro, Copenhagen

Nordhavn (North harbour) - sustainable new city

Pilebroen in Allinge. Diversion of roof run-off in existing area

Separate sewer system in Grønnemosekvarteret

The Arwos Village

Trekroner. Visible diversion of rainwater

WSUD at Odense University hospital

WSUD at Stenløse Syd

WSUD in a new area in Dahlsvej-neighbourhood Odense

WSUD in Risvangen-Vorrevangen, Aarhus

Udviklet af Teknologisk Institut for 19K