Numerous relevant reports have been published regarding the use of WSUD.

Legislative basis
What legislative basis exists for climate protection on private property? The law firm Energi & Miljø has prepared a report outlining the current legislative framework for the use of climate adaptation measures
in a property owner’s drainage system: The report, in Danish, can be seen here: Energy and environment, climate protection without changes 2009

Health aspects of rain-based recreational water
The Danish Nature Agency has published a report in Danish on the health aspects of rain-based recreational Water, see it here

The Danish Nature Agency has published another report, also in Danish:
an assessment of the risk of using collected rain run-off in private gardens, read it here

In 1992 the Environmental Protection Agency published a report, in Danish, about Water sensitive urban design, available here

Den blå by”
“Den blå by” (The Blue City) describes the challenges and opportunities that water poses for sustainable cities. The report contains a project catalogue of potential strategies and solutions as inspiration for future practice development. It also includes an analysis of strategies for managing higher precipitation, controlling environmentally harmful substances in water and using water as a resource. “Den blå by” was written in 2009 by Professor Marina Bergen Jensen and Assistant Professor Ole Fryd.

Read the report here (in Danish).

Proposed wastewater payment models
Private homes and small businesses would have to pay more for their wastewater treatment if they were to pay what it actually costs. Conversely, companies with high water consumption would experience a drop in their wastewater treatment costs.

These are the findings of a committee appointed by former minister for the environment, Karen Ellemann, to analyse potential models for more “cost-realistic” wastewater treatment payment. The committee was also tasked with examining whether homeowners could be encouraged to let rainwater seep down into the ground rather than let it flow out into the sewage system. Read the report here (in Danish).

Danva and Local Government Denmark have co-authored an inspiration guide/climate cookbook to support the climate adaptation work of local authorities and utility companies. Read the report here (in Danish).

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