Preliminary surveys

Soil infiltration capacity 
Soil infiltration capacity must be determined before WSUD system dimensioning can be carried out. This can be done using an extremely simple method as described here (in Danish).

There are other methods for calculating soil infiltration capacity - read here (in Danish): Two alternative methods

There are also different calculation methods for calculating soil infiltration capacity:
DownloadGuelphPermeameterQuickCalculator-ver2 (491 KB) 
DownloadRing-Infiltrometer-Calculator-Ver-3 (1,7 MB)

The City of Aarhus has drawn up preliminary survey guidelines for assessing the possibility of employing WSUD systems in large areas. Method when requiring documentation for whether WSUD can be employed/not employed: Read here (in Danish).

Preliminary surveys and documentation requirements: Read here (in Danish).

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