Local plans

Local plans are the only plans that directly impose obligations on local residents. The change, embodied by the Danish Planning Act, means that in future climate adaptation can be used to justify planning requirements, as well as architecture and functionality. However, no changes were made regarding the issues and requirements that local plans may legally regulate. These are set out in section 15(2), also known as the local plan catalogue. For example, a local plan may prescribe that buildings must not be constructed on certain plots because of the flooding risk. Local plans can also determine where on a given plot a building may be erected, as well as building and floor elevations. They can also set requirements stipulating the use of rainwater systems in all properties.

According to the local plan, it is possible to establish binding provisions requiring the attenuation of rainwater from properties by diversion to the sewage system, as well as for the extent of paved areas. Requirements can probably also be made regarding the establishment of attenuation basins and other important means of diverting rainwater.


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