Courses and presentations

Many local authorities, utility companies and firms produce presentations on WSUD for civic meetings, talks, and so on.

Here are links to course materials, presentations, etc., about WSUD.

Orbicon visited Portland, USA, and gave a presentation on rainwater management for use as inspiration (available here in Danish): Rainwater Management in Portland and Seattle, USA

Urban water: We need to think about new ways of managing water in our towns and cities. The course aims to provide ideas for new solutions as well as develop tools and collaborative initiatives to help secure the sustainable management of urban water, see here

KLIKOVAND has produced a creative travelling exhibition for use at civic meetings about climate change and what residents can do themselves. All KLIKOVAND participants can borrow the exhibition. The posters are available (in Danish) from KLIKOVAND’s website  under ‘viden om vand/kommunikation’.

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