Wastewater plans

According to section 32 of the Danish Environmental Protection Act, local authorities are required to prepare a wastewater disposal and management plan and keep it up to date. The plan must describe where WSUD solutions are to be used in new buildings, and it is also in the wastewater plan that a local authority can state whether it intends to repay the connection charge for the entire sewerage area or part thereof.

In its wastewater plan for 2010-2012, Aarhus City Council adopted a a range of initiatives addressing the challenges heavier rainfall will pose in future, for example:

  • A long-term strategy to establish separate systems for rainwater and sewage in all remaining areas with joint systems in the authority district.
  • Increased focus on building rainwater basins to prevent erosion and pollution of streams
  • Identification of WSUD focus areas

Read more about the wastewater plan here (in Danish).

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