Doktorhaven. WSUD in new residential area

Doktorhaven forsidefoto
Sorø local authority requires a zero rainwater solution in connection with the conversion
the Philadelphia institution into the Doktorhaven residential area in Dianalund. A
maximum discharge of 1 l/s/ha is allowed, corresponding to a zero rainwater solution.
The discharge is regulated using a water brake. Rainwater is managed on
each individual plot. The local authority places no demands as to the choice of solution.

All costs are borne by the plot owner

Address: Doktorhaven is situated between Doktor Sellsvej, North Sorø, Holbergsvej, East Sorø and Rønnebærvej, South and West Sorø

Contact person
Name: Ole Ekstrand
Organisation: Sorø local authority
Phone: +45 57 87 63 78

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