After-school centre in Brøndbyøster with rain gardens and grass infiltration

A demonstration project with rainforests, grass basins and cloudburst overflows to football fields when refurbishing the outdoor areas for a daycare institution.

The purpose of this project is to divert rainwater from the drainage system in the area by managing the rainwater locally and at the same time integrating the rainwater in the work of the day-care centre: including play, teaching and other time spent there. This will reduce the risk of flooding problems in the area downstream.

The rainwater from the roof areas and spaces is diverted from the community sewer and managed locally in the rain gardens and grassy hollows. The drainpipes face away from the sewer, and the rainwater runs instead in open trenches on the surface to green basins where the water can infiltrate and evaporate.

Major emphasis has been placed on retaining the surface rainwater so as to achieve a high level of visibility and robustness in the project. The idiom for the rainwater solutions has emphasised green, scenic solutions which function well on a hydraulic level and are recreational at the same time.

Status: Inaugurated September 2013

Completed June 2013

Find out more here: Project description_SFO (in Danish).

Brøndbyøster 1   Brøndbyøster 2

Brøndbyøster 3   Brøndbyøster 4

Brøndbyøster 5   Brøndbyøster 6

Brøndbyøster 7   Brøndbyøster 8

Brøndbyøster 9


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