Agerlandvej, Odense

Agerlandsvej is a blind alley with a length og 150 m. The cover of the road has been changed to drainage asphalt where the specially developed base is used as a “soakaway”. In this way the the rainwater can be stored and infiltrated through the cover

  • The cover is drainage asphalt with approximately 5 cm drainage GAP and 3 cm wearing course
  • The road is sectioned with bentonite across the road in the base to prevent the water from running with the slope, because the road has a small slope
  • The road bed is sealed off from the sidewalk with bentonite to prevent infiltration underneath the sidewalk
  • The excavation for the  service pipes to the houses is sealed with “Dantocrude” to prevent the water from running towards the houses
  • Sampling can be taken in wells at different paces

The formation of the road must not be closed/sealed by compaction or contaminated with “filler” that can close the surface.

  • Never drive on the formation
  • Never “pollute” the working place with soil from the outside, dirty machines, or storage of soil

NCC has delivered the drainage asphalt and the base

The contractor was Egelund A/S, and Orbicon has been the consultant.

Agerlandsvej, foto 1  Agerlandsvej, foto 2

Agerlandsvej, foto 3  Agerlandsvej, foto 4

Agerlandsvej, foto 5  Agerlandsvej, foto 6

Agerlandsvej, foto 7







Agerlandvej 1    Agerlandvej 2

Agerlandvej 3   Agerlandvej 4

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