Akvavejen, Tårnby, cloudburst road

Akvavejen 1

AkvaVejen is an innovative climate adaptation solution that has a great potential for direct drainage, purification and recreational use of water in densely populated residential areas. AkvaVejen is built around a permeable road construction that ensures that the water is quickly drained from the area and can be stored in the road's carrying layer, which has a high cavity percentage. AquaVejen completely disconnects the rain water from the sewer thus releasing capacity in these. Avavejen is a cloudburst road, climate road

The coating consists of approx. 10 cm permeable asphalt located on a surface of NCC drainage stabilizer. Below this is a sturdy, waterproof membrane made of natural materials.
The road water that descends into AkvaVejen is led through a specially designed filtration system consisting of several manholes, each with its efficient filter medium for the removal of environmentally polluting substances. The purified water can subsequently be used for recreational purposes or infiltrated in the ground at the site. The cleaning manholes are located on Bredagervej under the parking spaces and are therefore not visible in the street scene

Read more here: https://www.teknologisk.dk/projekter/projekt-akvavejen/36225?cms.query=akvavejen

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