Allekvarteret, Middelfart

The strategy for the area has been to utilize the natural slope of the terrain to cut off rainwater from the sewer system and divert rainwater on the terrain to the Little Belt. In the residential area, as many homes as possible are sought, disconnected from everyday rain, so that the rainwater is handled locally. It is voluntary, and you get the connection fee back as well as permission to overflow onto the road. It is everyday rain that must be handled on the grounds (T=2, corresponding to approx. 5 annual overflows).

About A.C. Hansens Allé has all the streets been given several avenue trees that correspond to the individual street name. The avenue trees stand in roadbeds between the road and the pavement and give the streets a fresh and lush appearance. All roads are decoupled from the sewer by establishing roadbeds along the roads. The water that does not run into the roadbeds runs onto the road. So the roads are  used to divert both everyday rain, cloudbursts and extreme rain.

Allekvarteret Middelfart, foto 1
Figure: Oak road with roadbed

In the roadbeds, the rainwater is collected and then infiltrates in the ground. There are drains under the roadbeds for collection in case of cloudbursts. the roadbeds will be established along the entire length of the street (Egevej) and will only be interrupted by the driveways, so that it will also be easy to get to and from the individual houses  in the future.

Allekvarteret Middelfart, foto 2   Allekvarteret Middelfart, foto 3
Figure: Roadbed at the end of A.C.Hansens Alle and overflow to the cemetery

On A C Hansens Alle there are not established roadbeds, but the rainwater runs onto the road and is collected in 2 central roadbeds at the end of the road close to Kongebrovej. The everyday rain infiltrates in the ground, while the overflow is led in a channel across Kongebrovej to Vestre Kirkegård - and from here via water stairs down to Sildemarken and out into the Little Belt. Under the cemetery path lies a ø800 mm pipe, so that the facility can cope with a 100-year event.

Allekvarteret Middelfart, foto 4   Allekvarteret Middelfart, foto 5
Figure: The path over the cemetery and the ditch across Sildemarken

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