Baunebakken - diversion and infiltration of roof run-off

Baunebakken is a housing area with 265 terraced houses. To avoid future flooding’s all run-off from the roofs have been diverted to small rain gardens placed at every house with underlying soakaways. The soakaways are running under the  footpaths in the area and are leading the surplus water to a small lake, a small watercourse and a playing field, that can be flooded in case of heavy rainfall. In case of very heavy rain, water is led to the sewer system.
Baunebakken, Figur 1

Fig. 1 Sketch of the rain garden and soakaway in Baunebakken. A trench is leading the roof run-off away from the house to the rain garden where the water is detained and infiltrated in the ground to the soakaway.

Baunebakken, Foto 1 Baunebakken, Foto 2

Baunebakken, Foto 3 Baunebakken, Foto 4

Baunebakken, Foto 5 Baunebakken, Foto 6

Baunebakken 1 Baunebakken 2

Baunebakken 3 Baunebakken 4

Baunebakken 5



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