Cleaning of rainwater from copper facade

Figurtekst:Rain water from the copper facade of the Maersk building at  Blegdamsvej is cleaned before infiltration in the ground

The facade of the new Maersk building at Blegdamsvej is clad with copper. When the facade is exposed to rain copper ions will be washed out in the rainwater. In order to ensure that before percolation, the amount of copper ions do not exceeds the permitted limits, there are installed special filters on the effluent of the copper facades. The filters are of the type 3P Hydrosystem 1000 Metal from the manufacturer 3P Technique  and there are installed two filters with a diameter of1000 mm. When the plants are put into service water samples will be taken for checking the permitted limit values.

Read more about copper filters here: DownloadRensning kobberfacade (1,2 MB)

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