Climate adaptation in Hornemanns Vænge, Valby

In Hornemanns Vänge, there are new stormwater pipes. In addition, the rainwater from the roofs at all the apartment blocks is decoupled and led to rain gardens that have been established in the grassy areas between the buildings. The roof water is used to make the areas greener, promote biodiversity and create new courtyards for the residents. The rain gardens are designed with different characteristics such as forest meadow, grass meadow, wet meadow and flower meadow.

As an extra measure of safety, the facility is designed with an overflow to a detention magazine, designed as a skating rink.


Milford – Hornemanns Vænge – innovativ klimatilpasning i gårdrum

HOFOR klimasikrer Hornemanns Vænge - HOFOR


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