Collection and cleaning of roof run-off, Værebroparken

From the construction of one of the four collection- and cleaning basins in Værebroparken in Bagsværd The basin is ready for filling in Biocalith MR-F1 before the plant is covered.

DAB and the municipality of Gladsaxe has installed Enregis cassettes for collection and cleaning of roof run-off. The rainwater is collected in 4 underground basins and is used for watering  kitchen gardens. The rainwater is cleaned for e.g. coli bakeries in a biological filter that consists of Enregis cleaning substrate Biocalith MR-F1.

The municipality of Gladsaxe is measuring the cleaning effectiveness together with Enregis.

Every basin consists of 9 Enregis X-Box 60x60x60 cm with a waterproof membrane.

The cleaning substrate Biocalith MR-F1 is places underground as a part of the basin in a cassette.

Maintenance: The cleaning substrate Biocalith MR-F1 is designed to clean water from roofs, roads, parking areas before infiltrating into the ground or outlet to receiving waters. The substrate is addited a mixture of bacterials/microorganisms and do not have to be replaced.

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