Collection and infiltration of stormwater in raingardens at Skovskolen, Nødebo

Stormwater from roofs and paths is collected in trenches/channels on the surface and led to 2 larger raingardens, where the water is infiltrated. In the case of a cloud burst, the system overflows to the sewer system. At the school, students are trained in green rainwater management and the plant can thus be used in teaching. The planting in the raingardens will vary and experience will be used to improve the type of plants that grow in raingardens under certain conditions

Skovskolen, foto 1   Skovskolen, foto 2

Skovskolen, foto 3   Skovskolen, foto 4

Skovskolen, foto 5   Skovskolen, foto 6

Skovskolen, foto 7   Skovskolen, foto 8

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