Decoupling of rainwater and infiltration in rain gardens at a school in Brøndby

Nørregård school has previously been plagued by flooding, and they wanted therefore a WSUDS solution. Schoolyard 1,2 and 3 were established in 2015, and schoolyard 4 and 5 of the 2016.

All rainwater is decoupled in the 5 schoolyard.  The rain water from the roofs are lead through open channels and closed pipes to rainwater ditches, and further on to raingardens. Mold from the excavation has turned into hills planted with perennials, grasses and trees and the bottom of raingardens have been planted with a mixture of meadow flowers. In all schoolyard there have been established an overflow to the public sewer.
Maintenance of the area will be greatest at the beginning and then perennials and grasses close the uncovered soil and the plant will require less care.
Open channals require regular cleaning for optimal performance.


Nørregårdsskolen 1

Nørregårdsskolen 2

Nørregårdsskolen 3

Nørregårdsskolen 4

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