Decoupling of rainwater and infiltration in rain gardens in a elderly center in Middelfart

The city of Middelfart are underway with a major project about climate adoption of the neighborhood Kongebro. One of the measures are decoupling of rainwater from the main sewage system. At the city's elderly center in Skovgade the former parking lot has been transformed into a climate garden, rainwater is decoupled from the sewer system and infiltrated into several small rain gardens complemented by a major magazine used during a cloudburst. Residents of the elderly center and other interested people can now go out in the beautiful climate garden with pavilions and an orangery and watch the rain gardens with many different plants and the small pool /magazin as well as use the outdoor musical instrument set such drums and a xylophone.

Read more about climate adoption in the town of Middelfart here.

Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 1      Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 2

Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 3      Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 4

Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 5      Ældrecenter i Middelfart, foto 6

Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 7   Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 9

Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 9   Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 10

Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 11   Ældrecentre i Middelfart, foto 12

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