Decoupling of rainwater in Boligforening Bøgeparken, Nr. Aaby

Bøgeparken is a housing association in Middelfart municipality with 81 residential units that have chosen to disconnect the rainwater from the sewer system and handle it visibly on the surface and the plant is designed for a 20 year rain. The facility is funded with the refund of the connection fee.

Rainwater management
Roof and surface water are decoupled from the sewer system and handled on the surface in ditches,, dry basins and raingardens with plants.

  • To protect the residents' private gardens - located along the building facade - the water is led from the roof through drainages and pipes for collection on terrain.
  • On access areas / roads, the water is led to ditches.
  • A LAR regulator has been established at the bottom of the various basins. It leads with a constant flow of water to other basins downstream.
  • It is then lead to the final receiving water, Viby Å with the allowed 0.5 l / s.

The repayment from Middelfart Supply has been able to cover the primary construction costs that are required to handle the water in accordance with the discharge requirement

Operation and maintenance
A maintanance plan has been prepared to ensure the functioning and the aesthetics of the plant in the future.

The technical solution

  • 10 series-linked basins / ditches with a total volume of 652 m3.
  • There is a capacity for 20 years of rain.
  • There are 10 regulators connected, ensuring a maximum total discharge of 0.5 l / s to the final recipient Viby Å.
  • Paved area is 39%.

Rainwater activation
Jakob Vedel, HydroSystems says: 'Working with LAR involves activating rainwater and putting it into play by making it visible and useful. The next step is to use the rainwater actively for activities and interior design in the housing area,such as: art, play, watering, open water etc. Such activities will grow in importance when neighbors and local area are involved in the development and design


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