Delay of stormwater in Tommy Troelsens Park, Vejle

The climate park Tommy Troelsens Park is a sub-project in the large "Climate project Østbyen" in Vejle. In addition to functioning as a green recreational area for the city's citizens, the park functions as both an innovative activity area with, among other things, ball, multi- and roller courts and as a stormwater technical facility with three stormwater basins. In this way, the stormwater is stored in the case of heavy rain in the city's green areas in what looks like an ordinary activity park on a daily basis.

Tommi Troelses Park, foto 1

In the climate park, one makes visible, among other things, which way the water is led to Vejle Fjord by erecting white concrete elements that shoot up among the green grass. LAR solutions like this are on the way in many municipalities, with the same need for handling large amounts of rainwater.

Tommi Troelses Park, foto 2

Changes have been made to the terrain so that the LAR solution in Tommy Troelsens Park, with the three independent basins, can together retain 5,300 cubic meters of water, dimensioned for a 100-year stormwater event.

The park's name was found in a naming competition issued by Vejle Municipality and, based on the many proposals, it was decided to call the climate park Tommy Troelsens Park.

Tommi Troelses Park, foto 3

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