Detached house with infiltration in a raingarden (Bagsværd 4)

In this garden all the rainwater is handled in the front garden through a large rain garden that can withstand a cloudburst. Rainwater from the north side of the building led is lead out to a small ditch that winds through the grass area and ends in the rain garden. The rain garden is placed at the only place in the front yard, where one can observe the 5 meters to the building and 2 meters to the boundary.

The ditch has been tamped to prevent seepage here and is filled with a mixture of wild grass and perennials. Stones are placed into smaller clusters in the ditch, and in the rain bed, to give it a little more wild and random expression.

Rainwater from the two drainpipes on the south side of the house are tied up under the existing terrace and assembled before the rainwater is discharged through an opening in the terrace's clothing. The outlet is above ground level so the water gets free fall down on some rocks. The stone is located in a trench that leads the water ahead to the raingarden.


Overall for the project

The municipality of Gladsaxe have made five demo-gardens with WSUDS to inspire the citizens to make WSUDS in their own garden and deal with the rainwater.

The gardens will show different kind of solutions of how to integrate WSUDS in a aesthetic way, cope with the distance requirements to buildings and borders, and do it within the price of the refunding from the municipality.

The gardens are placed in an area where the Watercompany “Nordvand”  is going to separate the rainwater from roads and infiltrate it in roadside rain gardens.

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