Detached house with infiltration in the lawn (Middelfart 6)

The roof trenches are reversed, so the water is diverted to the back garden. Rainwater from the roof is fed away from the house in a pipe beneath the terrace. The water is collected in a well for reuse. The well has an overflow to an ornamental container. The water is fed on in a wide grass trench, where it is braked by stones and plants. The lawn can infiltrate 95% of the annual precipitation. The rest is fed to the river in the forest behind the garden. A discharge permit has been granted.

Haveselskabet has worked in close cooperation with garden owners, Middelfart Municipality and Middelfart Spildevand, as well as NIRAS, to create 7 demonstration gardens in Middelfart. In these gardens, 95% of roof and surface water is managed by means of infiltration in the gardens. The remaining water is fed to a watercourse in the forest behind the gardens.

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