Detached house with soakaway under a trampoline and a rain garden (Bagsværd 2)

At the front of the house a rain garden filled with big stones and with plants/flowers in yellow and purple is made. The rainwater from ½ of the roof is lead to the rain garden in a stonechallen.

In the backyard the water from the roof is collected in a rain water butt and used for watering the garden. An overflow is leading the water to an open soakaway that is established under a trampoline. The excavated soil volume has been used to smoothing the grass area towards the neighbor.

From the small canopy at the main entrance, the water is lead via a channel to infiltrate in the grass.

The rainwater from the garage is infiltrated in a soakaway


Overall for the project

The municipality of Gladsaxe have made five demo-gardens with WSUDS to inspire the citizens to make WSUDS in their own garden and deal with the rainwater

The gardens will show different kind of solutions of how to integrate WSUDS in a aesthetic way, cope with the distance requirements to buildings and borders, and do it within the price of the refunding from the municipality.

The gardens are placed in an area where the Watercompany “Nordvand”  is going to separate the rainwater from roads and infiltrate it in roadside rain gardens.

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Bagsværd 2 foto 1

Bagsværd 2 foto 2

Bagsværd 2 foto 3

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