Ejersmindevej - flooded houses turning to a retention basin

Ejersmindevej in Odense. Voluntary agreements concerning the purchase of 7 detached houses for extension of a rainwater basin

In both 2006 and 2007, eight landowners had to move out of their homes so that the houses could be renovated following flooding from a nearby basin which receives rainwater from a separate sewage catchment during heavy rain. To be able to expand the capacity of the basin, seven of the landowners affected have suggested that VandCenter Syd should purchase their properties. Five of the properties are directly adjacent to an existing basin, and two of the properties are on the other side of the road. The purchase will allow the existing basin to be expanded to approx. 7,000 m3.

The purchase solution has been selected by means of a process involving citizens, a selection being made from 10 other potential solutions. The major challenge was to set reasonable prices for the properties. The landowners selected a model whereby the price is based on the average of three assessments from three estate agents with local knowledge, appointed by the landowners and approved by VandCenter Syd.

With this solution, the recreational value of the area will be improved, with rainwater basins, vegetation and new paths along the edges of the new rainwater basins. The project also includes establishment of a new rainwater basin of approx. 3,000 m3 at Mågebakken. This will achieve a total basin volume of 10,000 m3.

Nena Kroghsbo, VandCenter Syd: "It is very important to emphasise that if it had not been possible to come to these voluntary agreements, we would not have chosen to expropriate. Instead, we would have found a different solution to the problem."

Establishment cost: approx. DKK 30 million

Residential area of 89 ha.

Statistically estimated rainfall: 50 year rain
Permanent basin volume: 500 m3
Storage volume in basins: Ejersmindevej: 7,000 m3, Mågebakken: 3,000 m3
The basin is part of the pipeline system, which means that there is no drainage to a recipient, but to a sewer. Hence there is no overflow.

Ejersmindevej, DK-5250 Odense SV
GPS: N 55º 21.976' Long: E 010º 21.061'
Google Maps link: http://maps.google.dk/?ie=UTF8&ll=55.365911,10.351734&spn=0.001915,0.00338&t=h&z=18

Name: Nena Kroghsbo
Organisation: VandCenter Syd
E-mail: nk@vandcenter.dk
Telephone: +45 63 13 23 17


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