Extension of retension basin in Selsmosen, Høje Taastrup

Due to increasing rainwater volumes, Høje-Taastrup Municipality was forced to extend the rainwater basin in Selsmosen in the centre of the town of Taastrup. This was a rather frustrating situation which could have ended up with citizens in the municipality losing a green recreational area.

Instead, Høje-Taastrup Municipality worked together with the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities to develop an activity park, among other things.

This water activity park of 25 000 is capable of creating an area for play and exercise which is based on a technical facility of a kind which many municipalities are forced to establish so as to be able to accommodate the ever heavier rainshowers expected to result from climate change in years to come.

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Presentation on the project: Expansion of basin at Selsmosen and use of WSUD for play and learning

Selmosen, foto 1  Selmosen, foto 2

Selmosen, foto 4  Selmosen, foto 5

Selmosen, foto 6  Selmosen, foto 7

Selmosen, foto 3  Selsmosen, Taastrup 1

Selsmosen, Taastrup 3  Selsmosen, Taastrup 2



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