Freight yard area – a new WSUD urban district in Aalborg

Based on an initiative involving the establishment of a training campus on the DSB Ejendomsudvikling site between the bus terminal and Dag Hammerskjølds Gade, a decision was made in late 2008 to implement gradual transformation of Godsbanearealet in its entirety. The planning process has now been completed with a public debate, architectural competition and subsequent local planning. 

The ambition is to create a green urban area which is based on health and sustainable principles. Emphasis must be placed on the knowledge city and an active urban life, and fruitful interaction must be created between Godsbanearealet, Østerådalen and the surrounding urban areas. In addition, there is a desire for experimental architecture and creative reuse of traces of cultural heritage to help to create an identity for the new urban district.

Latest news
The plans for Godsbanearealet were adopted in December 2010. As a supplement to the local plan, a quality programme has been compiled which describes concepts for buildings, open spaces, roads and footpaths.

From the areal only 1 l/s x ha is allowed to enter the sewersystem. Swales and attenuations elements are used, together with green roofs. Sports fields and open Spaces are used during cloudbursts.

The general cargo terminal building provides a framework for various temporary activities: Adapted Movements, Løvvangens Unicykelklub, Nordjyllands Inline Motionister and Aalborg Basket 2005, Indoor/Outdoor. The building has also been lent out to a one-day metal festival in July 2011 and a fashion show in September 2011.

The first ground was broken for the adult upper secondary education building (up towards Jyllandsgade) on 5 May 2011, and for homes for young people and families on 23 June 2011.

First part of the construction was opened in 2014.  

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