Garden with grass paving

A grass reinforcement block – Ecoblock – 50 mm high has been used. The soil sealing is permeable, either in the form of grass reinforcement or in the form of Ecoblocks filled with a loose crushed stone material.

Grass reinforcement is a solution which can be used at holiday homes, for parking areas where grass is required. It is applied here to most of the lawn as this permits management of both traffic in the area and the rainwater which falls while also keeping the area nice and green.

The solution whereby the Ecoblocks are filled up with a loose crushed stone material is useful for entrances, for example, as shown here. Depending on the substrate and the subsoil, this solution can handle large volumes of rainwater locally.

Byggros always recommends that the substrate should be built up as a Gartner-Makadam in the case of grass reinforcement. This achieved better conditions for the wellbeing of the grass. Grass roots actually reach a long way down into the soil. If grass reinforcement is established over just a traditional carrier layer structure, it will not thrive – particularly during dry periods, as the roots will only be able to grow in the cells and not penetrate particularly deep down into the substrate.


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