Gedvad, Gladsaxe

The primary problem was flooding, which had to be solved through delay and storage of stormwater. the solution is tailored to the neighborhood and contains infiltration systems that reduce the pressure on the sewers in the area.

In Gedvad, there are both roadbeds and permeable car parks, which aim to infiltrate the water. The main part of the plant consists of planted roadbeds with through filter soil. A large number of fascines have been installed under theroadbeds, which are connected to drainage lines, which lead excess water to a basin. This ensures that the rainwater is delayed and infiltrates into the groundwater instead of running into the sewer.

Gedvad, figur
Figure 1: Gedvad area 1 is marked with yellow and Gedvad area 2 with green

Area 1 is the northern area, which includes Marsk Stigs Alle, Erik Glippings Alle, Peder Hesselsvej and Abelsvej, Area 2 covers Kornmarken, Oldmarken and Bondemarken as well as the roads in between.

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Gedvad, foto 1   Gedvad, foto 2

Gedvad, foto 3

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