Glisholm Lake, Odense

Glisholm Lake is one of the largest rainwater basins in Odense. The lake protects Lindved against flooding during heavy rain by storing and retaining rainwater. The construction of the lake has, among other things, helped to reduce that risk. Glisholm Lake is today Odense's largest lake with a total water area of 70,600 m2. In total, the lake comprises natural area 127,000 m2, The lake is also equipped with a sand trap, which removes sand, gravel and oil residues that can come with the rainwater from roads and pavements, so that the lake is kept clean.

In addition to functioning as a climate adaptation facility, the focus is also on nature protection and that the area must be able to function recreationally. Odense Municipality itself describes Glisholm Lake as a "child's nest of climate adaptation, nature protection and recreational value".

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Glisholm S, foto 1   Glisholm S, foto 2

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