Høje Gladsaxe Park – rainwater lakes and extension of attenuation basin

Nordvand is constructing four new rainwater lakes and a new watercourse in Høje Gladsaxe Park. Together with extension of the existing systems, channels and wetlands, these new lakes will provide options for collecting and delaying rainwater from the catchment around Høje Gladsaxe, Marielyst [Link] and Grønnemosekvarteret [Link]. The water continues from the rainwater lakes through Gyngemosen and out into the adjacent natural areas. The lakes will be recreational and natural and help to promote thriving nature in the area, which is a habitat for endangered plants and animals.

An existing collective basin will be converted into a rainwater basin between the autumn of 2014 and the summer of 2015. A new underground waste water basin has already been established which can manage the waste water when the entire catchment is isolated.

The lakes in the park are expected to be completed in May 2014.

DownloadNordvands planche Nye søer i Høje Gladsaxe Park (249 KB) (in Danish)

http://www.nordvand.dk/afloeb/regnvandihgp/hgp/Sider/default.aspx (in Danish)

http://www.gladsaxe.dk/Default.aspx?ID=42841&M=News&PID=74867&NewsID=6136 (in Danish)

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