Housing associations, Frankrigsgade, Amager, diversion of roof run-off to soakaways

This autumn, LK-Gruppen will be completing a major infiltration project (WSUD) being established on Frankrigsgade in Amager for two housing associations with a shared courtyard. All sewers will be replaced here, and soakaway units which will both delay and retain the rainwater will be buried in the courtyard. The system can accommodate more than 80,000 litres of water before overflowing. All the rainwater from the roof will be concealed underground, on the ground a number of play areas, lawns, trees and gardens will be placed.

"The two housing associations previously had major problems with sewerage in basements during heavy rainfalls. The sewage system in this property dates back to 1935 and is not designed to cope with the water volumes that it actually has to handle. During heavy rain, there is so much pressure on the sewer out in the street that the water is unable to flow away from the property sewage system, and so the rainwater backs up into the basements together with the sewerage. This will be prevented in future by this new system, which Copenhagen Municipality has helped to fund. Unfortunately, the association has not been granted permission as yet to also infiltrate the rainwater from the courtyard because of an old oil tank. We have now removed the tank and 6 tonnes of contaminated soil, so the association is still hoping to be granted permission for a full infiltration system. This will also result in the full grant of 40% of the connection charge per apartment."
– Lars Knudsen, landscape gardener and director of LK-Gruppen.

Establishment costs (in DKK per red. ha.)
The overall project will amount to (around) DKK 3 million, but of this more than half will be spent on subsequent embellishment of the courtyard environment.

Operation and maintenance:
The trees, gardens and lawns on site will be cared for in future by the property caretaker and his staff.

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