Infiltration and delay of road water on Gustav Holms Vej Århus

Handling of rainwater on Gustav Holms Vej

Since October 2016, the municipality has been preparing the separation of rain and sewage along Gustav Holms Vej. A large rainwater pipeline has been established under Vejlby Ringvej, which ends in a rainwater basin on Trianglen - the green area at Bethesdavej and Gustav Holms Vej.

Gustav Holms Vej_Om idéen_1
Visualization of the rainwater basin at the Triangle

Close to this basin, is establish a cloudburst basin in an area where there is a soccer field. During heavy rain the football field will act as a cloudburst basin. The water from the two basins will run in an open dich to a third rainwater basin at the bottom of the road, which is already established. The purpose of the basins is to delay rainwater and clean it before being led into the bay.

The rainwater from the residential area will be led on the surface to the five road raingardens. From the road raingardens the rainwater is led in underground pipes to the dich on the opposite side of the road.

Gustav Holms Vej_Om idéen_2
Principle of rainwater management on Gustav Holms Vej.

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Bassin og fodboldbanebassin ved Viby ringvej
Basin and soccer field                                                        Basin at Viby Ringvej

Grøft langs Gustav Holms VejVejbed på gustav Holms Vej   
Dich along Gustav Holms Vej                                             Road raingarden at Gustav Holms Vej

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