Infiltration and evaporation of stormwater in the SIF Park, Silkeborg

4 point houses with apartments are located on an old stadium ground. There are good infiltration conditions, but groundwater interests in the area, so the authority does not want any infiltration of road water - only roof water. Roof water infiltrates in soakaways . For paving areas, alternative methods should be considered when limited space was available at the same time. The model was evaporation from grass-covered parking lots - supplemented with raised beds with trees, shrubs and perennials. Under grass reinforcement and beds there are magazines with heavy pool foil at the bottom. The builder initially sown everything with grass, probably because the planting time was too late in the year to plant.

construction: Birch & Co. ApS. Internt sagsnr.: 17.287.

Construction cost is not known as it is part of a total construction project. The plant works so that road water first infiltrates into magazines, from which it is then evaporated via grass and plants (including evergreen plants to ensure evaporation year-round). The magazines are connected to ensure the best possible use. There is a reservoir volume overcapacity to ensure that the water can be there in winter when evaporation is minimal. Evaporation calculations have been made on the basis of agricultural information. A thorough maintenance plan has been prepared for the builder. Buildings and outdoor areas in addition to building ripening have been designed by Årstiderne Architects. The WSUDS plant was completed in spring 2019.

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