Infiltration of rainwater at Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd

Both new buildings are placed in a park of 4 ha. The park is designed as a green recreational area for the employees, where they can walk and cycle between the buildings. The park offers the opportunity to infiltrate all the rainwater in the ground.

One of the buildings has a green roof with grasses and meadow vegetation and a minimum of sedum. Because of problems with weight, the soil is replaced with light  weight products, that demands drip-watering. This water is coming from two big tanks, that are collecting rainwater from the roofs and perimeter drain. The rest of the rainwater is lead on the surface to two soakaways. The plant can cope with a 100 year rain, and therefore Novo Nordisk do not have to be connected to the sewer system.

The vegetation consists of a broad palette of original plants to secure maximum biodiversity.

Novo Nordisk, foto 1 Novo Nordisk, foto

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