Infiltration of rainwater from cycle track in ”permapipes” in Ikast-Brande

IBF” Permepipes and –manholes” is a new type of pipes and manholes for infiltration of rainwater. They are made of a special type of concrete that is porous, so they are strong enough to carry heavy traffic from a road and at the same time allowing rainwater to infiltrate through the pipe wall. The experience from Ikast-Brande municipality is that this system does not cost more, than the traditional infiltration through soakaways - it might even be cheaper. The bigger capacity of the sewer system also means, that the maintenance is more safe.

Read more about the idea her (in Danish):
DownloadIkastBrande (2,7 MB)
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DownloadPM - Permarør udviklet i samarbejde ml Drift og Anlægsafdeling og IBF AS (139 KB)

Permarør 2  Permarør 3

Permarør 1


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