Infiltration of rainwater in Teglværksparken, Silkeborg

The area contains two point-houses with apartments in 4 and 5 floors respectively. Rainwater from the roofs and all fortified areas is infiltrated directly into grass areas and raingardens landscaped with low depth and low slope, so that the areas can be used recreationally. The water is directed to the infiltration areas in pipes or on terrain. There are overflows from the lower raingarden to nearby streams during extreme rainfall events.

The area has good infiltration capacity but high groundwater level. Therefore, it could not be immersed in soak aways like the developer would otherwise have wanted. However, permits for infiltration on terrain were sought and obtained instead. Developer: Birch & Co. ApS. Completed at the end of 2018. Internal case no .: 16.048.

Establishment costs are not known, as it was carried out as a part of a construction project Maintenance is limited to cleaning sand trap and ensuring that grass clippings are removed.

Already in the first season, the plant works fine and there is only a little water at the bottom of the raingardens after a day of heavy rain.

See enclosed:, A countour-plan ,note regarding infiltration tests, sizing calculations as well as photos from the completed plant (dated August 7, 2019). See also the website

DownloadSiteplann and contures (253 KB)

DownloadNote regarding infiltration test (766 KB)

DownloadDimensioning grass-areas (526 KB)

DownloadDimensioning raingardens (526 KB)

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