Infiltration of roof run-of from the new arena for cycling and indoor track and field in Odense

In Odense, they are building af new arena for cycling and indoor track and field. The sewer system around the area is overloaded. Therefor the rainwaer from the arena is lead til a nearby park, where it will be infiltrated in ad basin formed as a lake. At the beginning the basin will collect and infiltrate the rainwater from the arena but in the futute the basin will alså collect the rainwater form the detached houses around the arena.

The Basin is placed in Højstrupparken/Bolbroparkens northeast corner at Langesøstien and Møllemarksvej. It is an infiltration Basin without any overflow. The municipality and the Water Company had done its outmost to create a basin that can both handle the rainwater and be an inspiration to the visitors in the park. There are stairs surrounded by flowers in one end, and at the deeper part of the basin there are stepping stone for playing.


Cykelarena Odense, foto 1  Cykelarena Odense, foto 2

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