Infiltration of stormwater in ”The Old Peoples City, Copenhagen

In connection with climate protection of Copenhagen, the existing gardens and green area in “De Gamle By” have been used for local infiltration of the rainwater in the area. The water from the roofs is passed through pipes or visible chaussée gutters towards half a meter deep raingardens, in the lawns where the water is delayed, and infiltrated into the ground. In the case of heavy rain, there is an overflow to a ditch on both sides of the Alleén and from there another overflow to the sewer system ”,

The cloud-burst  project  gives the Old Peoples City a green boost, and the purpose of the new gardens is to vary through  the seasons and their arrangement can be used for the rehabilitation and activation of the elderly people living there, and thereby improving the quality of life, especially for the care center residents, but also for the area's other user groups, as the trails will be open to the public. The gardens will be seasonally varied with flowering trees, various bulbous plants and summer flowering perennials such as shrubs, flowers and herbs.

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