Infiltration of stormwater in road raingardens along ”Hærvejen” in Viborg

Along “Hærvejen” at Viborg Baneby, the stormwater isinfiltrated in road raingardens laid in precast concrete and with Corten steel edges, where there are holes in the edges so that the water can be diverted directly to the road raingarden.

The road raingarden are very large and can hold a heavy rainfall. Water can run in the raingardens from all sides.

The raingardens are currently operated as regular plant beds / flower beds.


Vejbede i Viborg_foto 1   Vejbede i Viborg_foto 2

Vejbede i Viborg_foto 3   Vejbede i Viborg_foto 4

Vejbede i Viborg_foto 5


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