Kongedybs Alle og Prøvestens Alle

Two climate-friendly residential roads at Amager will inspire Landowner Associations throughout the municipality of Copenhagen when MT Højgaard helps the Landowner Association Øresund in the goal of green sewage and drainage solutions to cut off the rainwater.
Copenhagen must be secured against the increasing amount of precipitation that will fall for the next 100 years, so the sewers do not have overflow.

The landowners association consists of landowners at Kongedybs Alle and Prøvestens Alle, which are parallel to each other and both are connected to the Øresund Road in Amager. The roads are each 200 meters long, and they were completely run down when work on climate change began. The task was to adapt the street process to the needs of residents, while providing climate-friendly solutions for infiltration  and drainage of rainwater.
At Kongedybs Alle and the Prøvestens Alle sewers remain, but the rainwater is  now infiltrated in road rain garden with a total volume of 70 cubic meters, divided equally between the eight basins. By cutting off the rainwater from the sewers, the sewage system is relieved.

The roads were some of the first to be named 'Silent roads' in Copenhagen Municipality. This means that you must not drive faster than 15 km / h down the road. However, many drivers did not notice the signage that indicates the maximum speed. Therefore, we have made green markings on the road that will make drivers aware that the road is a silent road.
In the municipality of Copenhagen there is a focus on making the urban space greener. Therefore, the municipality plants trees for 1.4 million kroner over a two-year period. MT Højgaard supports such actions and has therefore entered into a partnership with the City's Operation in Copenhagen Municipality. As a result of the partnership, Kongedybs Alles and Prøvestens Alles green transformation becomes a little greener with 30 new trees along the new climate-friendly roads

Read more here: http://mth.dk/Vores-Projekter/Klimatilpasning-af-Kongedybs-Alle-og-Proevestens-Alle

Kongedybs Alle 1

Kongedybs Alle 2

Kongedybs Alle 3

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