Lørenskogvej, Rødovre

The municipality of Rødovre have together with HOFOR (water company) completed a innovative road project by rebuilding Lørenskogsvej to a climate road.

The purpose with the project is to create a better traffic-related road, a more attractive road and to cut off the rainwater from the sewer.

All the rainwater from the road will handled, cleaned and infiltrated in the ground. At the same time the road will be made “cloudburst-safe” so the surrounding houses don´t have to fear, that water from the road will run into their gardens.

The road profile will consist og a 4 meter broad green belt with  raingardens for storage, cleaning  and infiltration of the water from the road

Today the speed limit is 40 km/t. .The breadth of road will be lowered from 7,5 to 5,5 meter. Scattered along the road the breath will be limited to 3,5 meters by green traffic island. The traffic islands will be placed in a way  to secure low traffic speed.

Along one side of the road there will be a sidewalk

In connection with the project all the entrances to the houses have be fitted to the new road profile

The project do not interfere with the connection of the houses to the sewer system.

The green areas are made with prefab vegetation mats. Close to the road a salt tolerant meadow is used. In the lowest areas a humidity tolerant mat is used and close to the private hedges a Nordic meadow is used.

The supplier of the mats are: Ulrik Reeh, Veg Tech A/S, ur@vegtech.dk

See a drawing of Lørenskogvej: https://www.rk.dk/fileadmin/user_upload/dokumenter/Miljoe/Skitsetegning-Loerenskogvej.pdf

Lørenskogvej, foto 1  Lørenskogvej, foto 2

Lørenskogvej, foto 3  Lørenskogvej, foto 4

Lørenskogvej, foto 5  Lørenskogvej, foto 6

Lørenskogvej, foto 7



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