Lufthavnsvej, Aalborg, cloudburst road

When the old transport road to Aalborg Airport was rebuilt, it was converted into a cloudburst road and climate road in a collaboration between Aalborg Municipality, Aalborg Supply and Niras as a consultant and with NCC as a supplier. The road is dimensioned for a 200 year event and built by NCC drainage stabilizer and permeable asphalt. The rainwater is stored in  the drainage stabilizer under the road and infiltrated in the ground. There are overflows via drain to the Limfjord. The thickness of the coating is between 11 and 14 cm permeable asphalt. However, closed asphalt is used in heavy traffic crossings. The closed asphalt is laid with a fall against the permeable asphalt to ensure drainage

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Lufthavnsvej 1

Lufthavnsvej 2



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